We participated in Discovery Day 2019! It was a mix of perfect physics and engineering. 


There were more than 20 high-school students built light communication kit and took with them. Big credits to Profs. Ekin, Ohara, and Yang, and TAs. 


We welcome Nate and Jeff to OSU for summer REU supported by NSF.

Nathaniel Berry and Jeffrey Michel come from Michigan State University and Stony Brook, respectively. 

VPR accepted our renovation proposal for MBE and crystal growth labs. We will renew glove-box, storage units, cleanroom workbenches, DI water systems, which will be great for a cleaner environment for material science. 

Our tables, ultrafast oscillator, and magnets are installed. We are building stages, computers, experiments constantly. 

We are excited to have Julian being the first student joining our group!

We are excited to establish our lab at OSU! 

We will focus on electron and spin dynamics in magnetic materials. 

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