Emrah is featured at CAS spotlight. It was a good opportunity to advertise our exciting research. 



We are super excited to receive NSF support to develop non-reciprocal spin-wave devices by NIST-OSU collaboration. 

Our College Physics 2 classes with ~170 students are going great. Office hours before the exams are very popular and we bring new solutions. 

We brought our fiber laser from Cornell in our car-trunk. It has been developed by Pavel Sidorenko and Frans Wise's group since last year. Our group and Donna Strickland have this laser other than the Wise group. 


Our high school student Alex tries VR to visualize physical concepts, like an atom, lattice crystal, and electron wave functions. It is a cool toy. 


We are very excited to have three new graduate students in our group and we already started our weekly group meetings. 

Welcome, Zack, Mazharul, and Muhammet.




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